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I have a similar problem to the one i had a few months ago. The difference now is that it's my main application, so it is a critical situation for me.

I recently created a new VM to use DX 16.2 and Xafari. I had to ask for a new license because the machine name also had changed.

I have a valid license, and i have installed it properly (according to the Xafari License Manager). When i load my application the Xafari evaluation period warning screen comes up every day. Yesterday i re-entered the license information but today the same warning screen pops up. I have shut down the VM yesterday.

Please help. I can't deploy my application because i want to be sure that erverything is allright.


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Sasha (Xafari Support)Client


Please can you try to run a License Manager using command line: Command Line > Xafari.LicenseManager.exe ADMINISTRATIVEACTIVATION add send us the generated request (for the VM)?

Thanks, Sasha.


The message has not reappeared since i fed the license manager with the new license info.

Thank you for your quick reaction (also upon requesting the new license info).

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