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I have a single cell returned from a query and would like to include it in a label or text box. I have added the query to DataBindings in a "Label" but am unable to put the cell value in the label. I have so far tried [UKTotal], UKTotal, {UKTotal}. How do I put a cell value with text in a form?



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Our team has made sample where you can see how you can realise it.

Please see the following link: https://bi.galaktika-soft.com/sl/ranetanalytics/

Please let me know if you have any problems with it in you project.


Thanks for your quick reply, I can see it, and it's exactly what I need, but unfortunately as a demo user I am unable to see how it was done (I would have to 'check out' the form, and I get an error when I try to "check out")! Does that example use a Label? If so, what is the syntax to go in the 'text' field for the label, for the value to be displayed?


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Thank you, I see this is with an OLAP query. When I want to use it with an SQL Server query, what can I enter as path? I tried 0 and I tried UKTotal but in both cases I get the error "System.InvalidCastException: [InvalidCast_IConvertible]".



We have a bug with SQL server query and Label work. Sorry for that. We'll fix it in the next versions.

At the moment I can give you some advice how you can implement your task using other control. Please look through the following link: https://bi.galaktika-soft.com/sl/ranetanalytics/ .

We've changed label control on ItemsControl that we use for showing the array of data from SQL Server.

Let me know if any questions.



Thanks Oleg,

When I try to check out the form so I can see how it works I get this error: [HttpWebRequest_WebException_RemoteServer] Arguments: NotFound

This is while signed in as alexzarach. Can you please allow my account to check out the form?

Thank you


I have checked your credentials. I have not any problems. Please try again.


After clearing my cache I could check the file out, and the fix worked perfectly when I applied it to my test dashboard. It gave me a reason to try using XAML! Thanks again

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