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I have a technical doubt about starting a new project.

When I use your project template, it creates all the projects including App Module. When I read the docs and what I don't understand are the following points:

1. I should only add the agnostic modules to this projects and the platform specifics will be added for each project on each initialization?

2. Where should I modify my model including views and the other nodes? With XAF only I sued to modify on the module project but now I can see the specific nodes for added modules in the app module and I'm a bit confused on this. Where should I modify my model... On project or xxx.module project?


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1. AppModule is used in conjunction with the Application Host.
The Application Host creates, initializes, and starts the Xafari Application.
The application is initialized as follows:
The target application loads AppModule that specifies the list of the required platform-independent modules. Then, the ApplicationHost uses the ApplicationContext to determine which platform-specific modules must be added.
ApplicationHost takes all agnostic modules from xxx.AppModule and xxx.Module projects and for this modules find all platform-specific modules.
For Example:
If you specify Xafari.BC module in xxx.Module project, then when you start the Win application, AppHost will automatically load the Xafari.BC.Win module

2. You can make your changes both in xxx.Module and in xxx.AppModule.

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