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When I use Dock Panels, I have question.
My target: I want use noperisten object's detailView as Master to filter one persistent objects' listView.
for example:

I have peristent object: 'DemoTask' and noperistent object 'DemoTaskFilter'.
'DemoTask' have two properties: subject and StartDate.
'DemoTaskFilter' have two properties: DateFrom and DateTo.

I use 'DemoTaskFilter's detailView as Master.
I want it can filter the DemoTask listView' CollectionSource when I change the 'DemoTaskFilter' DateFrom and DateTo.

When the 'DemoTaskFilter' DockPanel show at first, the filter work fine.
But when I change the value of DateFrom or DateTo, the filter doesn't work.
If I close the filter,and open it again, it work fine.
I want it can filter the DemoTask listView' CollectionSource when I change the 'DemoTaskFilter' DateFrom and DateTo.
How to realize it?

By the way, I find the application have two 'New' action when the 'DemoTask' listView show.
Why? How to slove it?

1_Snapshot_DetailViewAsMaster.jpg is MyApplication snapshot.
2_Vedio_DetailViewAsMasterFilter is MyApplication's vedio.
Solution27 is myApplication's solution.
Vs2015 Devexpress16.1.5 Xafrai 16.1.5010.0


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Sasha (Xafari Support)Client

Hello Nickcole,

Thanks for the clarification.

To solve a issue with doubles actions for TypeUI = TabbedMDI you can see the ticket: Adding Dockpanels doubles Standard actions.

The relation of DockPanels like 'Master with parameters' works with a custom action. You can see additional information in our Demo Center (Start -> Xafari Framework v... -> Demo Center -> DockPanels: Department and DockPanel Filter_V2) and controller Xafari.DemoDockPanels.Module.Controllers.FilterWithoutOSBaseObjectViewController, i.e. you must create controller for action Apply or handle actions a select DateFrom and a select DateTo.

Also you can use Xafari Filter for the situation described by you.

We hope you find this information helpful. If you need any further assistance on this subject, please feel free to contact us.

Thanks, Sasha.


Your answer is very good!
My Soloution work fine now!
Thank you!!

If possible, you can update the online document:
In this document, 'winApplication_CreateCustomTemplate' should become:
private static void WinApplication_CreateCustomTemplate(object sender, CreateCustomTemplateEventArgs e)
if (e.Context.Name == TemplateContext.ApplicationWindow)
e.Template = new MainForm();
else if (e.Context.Name == TemplateContext.View)
e.Template = new TabbedMDIDetailViewForm();

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