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mounika.atmakur Client


We didn't find the functionality like filter settings for dimensions in Member choice as this option gets only for Measures .

Is there any option to set filter settings as is between,open interval etc for dimensions in Member choice even ?

Please look at the attached screen which is as reference what we want exactly.

Thanks in Advance!!


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Dmitriy Agent

Good day!

 In this case, the filter is tuned to the line (see number 1)

 Enabled check box Filter. We will look for those elements whose Caption = 1.

 Below MemberChoice selected elements of which will be searched and the filter will be applied.

 The result in the table is one element (see number 2)

 Works similarly with other types of filters (value, etc)

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Petr Administrator

Hi Mounika!

Composite filter works for Level members. When you select the Hierarchy there is the first level, only one element (All), data can not be filtered.
For example, to filter out of the country you need to choose the level of Country. If you select a hierarchy Geography - filter does not work.

Best regards,
Ranet Dev Team

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