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I am trying to find a way to relate the xafari demo to a real world database application scenario but could not figure out how to do the rich features of xafari because I cannot find the common business objects folder where we usually create classes for the database using xpObject, also the demo does not contain any real world database application to demonstrate the real power of Xafari, please don't get me wrong because I am one of the few xaf newbies who want to use xafari to help us in our database development needs. I was guessing that the business objects folder that I am talking about is the same with the xafari demo called classifiers? is it? Hope xafari developers will make more examples on a real world database application like the Northwind on Microsoft access, If we ran the demo on access , it has full user interface mainly concentrated on a sample invoicing application.In this way, we newbies would easily grasp the power of Xafari in a real demo. Thanks very much!


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Thanks, Sasha.

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Northwind and other samples(application) is XPO application where Xafari is an extension for XPO.
BusinessObjects (BO) there are Classifiers and Documents for Northwind.
You can allocate your Business Objects in other folders too.

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Hi, I did'nt quite get what you mean. from what I understand is that classifiers are also called the Business Objects folder in Regular Xaf application right Ma'am? It would be much better if we newbies can see an application like northwind that has an order entry, then after selling products then the inventory is updated and the balance of customer is also updated, something like this, hope there would be something like this so the real power of Xafari will be demonstrated. or like a simple payroll or a simplified ERP, module just to show how xafari can be used. I saw some of the scenarios that xafari can simply or can be used like ERP and payroll but I cannot seem to relate on how to use xafari on these applications. I am not requesting for a complete sample application but for some scenarios on how to use on ERP or payroll for example. Thanks very much!

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