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Dear Support Team,

We are planning to purchase Ranet OLAP Enterprise edition. Will the features of Dashboard from Ranet Analytics be available in this ?

Rajalakshmi B


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Hi Rajalakshmi!

Ranet OLAP and Ranet Analytics are different products that have different licensing policies.

Ranet OLAP is a library of widgets and services for OLAP data analysis in a pivot table. It is aimed at helping business application developers quickly implement OLAP data based analytical and reporting modules in their applications.
Ranet Analytics is a ready application allowing developers and business analysts create dashboards and reports that end users (business users) can use for data analysis and reporting.

Please tell us more about you project (what features of Ranet Analytics you need, how many users will use it etc.), and we will provide the best offer for you.

Best Regards,
Ranet Dev Team

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