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Dear Support Team,

I have downloaded RANET OLAP HTML5 trial edition. I have set up the downloaded file in IIS. when I call the index.html from browser, I am getting a page which has Edit Connection button, New Report button and Configuration button.

When I try to edit the Connection String and Click on "Check Connection" button, the screen is continuously running and not giving any output. Can you guide me what is the Connection String to connect to a "Adventure Works DW 2008 R2" Database in SQL Server ?

I also downloaded RANET Analytics along with Adventure Works DW 2008 R2 Database and cubes, the same is working.
Now I want to connect to the same Adventure Works DW 2008 R2 Database from RANET OLAP, but it is not working. Can you guide me what is the connection string should I use to make it work ?

Rajalakshmi B


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Could you please send me a screenshot before you click on the button "Check connection"? Do you have any errors in a console of your browser?


Please find the screenshot attached. Button checking connection just rotates.

Even if I change the Connection String to "Provider=MSOLAP.4; Data Source=localhost; Catalog=AdventureWorksDW2008R2;"
it does not work

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You have some issues with your web application. WebApi doesn't work in your web-application. Please check requests of your browser when you open your web-application. Please see attached files.

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Thanks for your reply. I will check and get back to you.

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