RunCmd not Setting Exit Code for SQL Agent

Scott GrossClient

When we are executing an ICommand with your RunCmd.exe tool and there is an uncaught exception, SQL Agent still thinks the job succeeded.

Steps to Test...
1. Create a Module with an ICommand Implementation that will cause an exception that should be logged to the console using the Out Property of the ICommand
2. Create a Job in SQL Agent to execute the Icommand with the RunCmd executable.
A. In the Job's Options Tab, select to log the Output.
3. When you run the Job, it succeeds.
4. Check the History of the Job and see the Exception that was logged.

Please let me know if you are at least able to reproduce.


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Scott Gross

this issue is for v. x09

Sasha (Xafari Support)Client


Thanks for the clarification.

Currently, the utility is implemented in such a way that any errors (exceptions) are caught and written to the standard error output stream (Console.Error) and to the application's log file (eXpressAppFramework.log file in XAFARI x08 and RunCmd.log file in XAFARI x010 respectively).
No exceptions are thrown out.
Apparently, we should add an option that allows the RunCmd utility to throw an exception out, to take into account your use case.
We'll schedule implementation of this feature for the near future.

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