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Hello Support Team,

I have installed Ranet Analytics demo version along with sample database Adventure Works DW 2008R2 and its cube. What is the procedure to connect to a new cube other than the sample cube ? Where should I change the connection string to point to a different cube ?

Rajalakshmi B


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Hi Rajalakshmi,

In order to connect Ranet Analytics to a new cube, Press Design View on the Ribbon. I it will start Design mode, and you will see project tree Solution Explorer on the right side of the window.
Open Connections folder in the Solution Explorer.

Select and double-click a connection to open the settings form. Press Check Out button on the Ribbon, edit parameters, and check if they are correct using Check connection button.
Press Check In to save the parameters.

If a user doesn’t have these buttons on the Ribbon, they have to be added as an Administrator in the Roles.xml file in the catalogue of the web application on the web server. Then restart server web services and the application.

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Ranet Dev Team

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