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When using WebWizard i encounter javascript errors such as "ClientParams is not defined". If you need to reproduce open a detail view with a listeditor in inline edit mode and try to edit/cancel. You will get the error. After reading a bit on DevEx support they say that ClientParams is a hidden field used by many client interractions and that if one uses custom templates it must be manually added. After checking your source (version 15.2.5) webwizard template is indeed missing that field. Please add it in newer versions (disregard if you already have in 15.2.7 or the soon to be released 15.2.9)

Lines that need to be added

Check DevEx ticket https://www.devexpress.com/Support/Center/Question/Details/T335561 for more info.


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Sasha (Xafari Support)Client

Hello Greg,

Thanks for reporting the issue.
We are going to investigate it. It will take some additional time.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
Best regards,

Sasha (Xafari Support)Client


Thanks for the provided information, Greg. We are going to fix this issue in the next Xafari build.

Best regards,

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