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Yassine Client

I want to use non persistent object with wizard but I got error on CreateWizardObject
"Type: ObjectCreatingException , Message: Unable to create an instance of the "***" type. Reason: "Le constructeur sur le type '***' est introuvable.""

I want also change the object value between step of wizard, if you have some suggest or exemple, that would be great


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MariyaVoytovich Agent

Hello Yassine!

To fix the error, you need to subscribe to the CreateWizardObject event that belongs to the WizardAction
CreateWizardObject occurs when master initialized, it intended to create object for the execution of the Wizard.

public class WizardViewController : ViewController
private Xafari.Actions.WizardAction wizardAction1;
public WizardViewController ()
{this.wizardAction1 = new WizardAction(this.components)
this.wizardAction1.CreateWizardObject += wizardAction1_CreateWizardObject;
}void wizardAction1_CreateWizardObject(object sender, CreateWizardObjectEventArgs e)
e.Object = new NonPersistentBlocNorme();

private void wizardAction3_Execute(object sender, PopupWindowShowActionExecuteEventArgs e)

You can change the object value between step of wizard via controller_CustomNextStep.
Examine WizardsViewController.cs file of the Feature Center installed with Xafari to learn on how to do it.

Feel free to contact us if you need further assistance or have additional questions.

On behalf of Xafari Client Services Team

Yassine Client

Many thanks!!! It works

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