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I am currently assessing your components for purchase. I have read through all your help documentation and I was really hoping to take advantage of DocFlow. Regrettably, your documentation is very out-of-date/inaccurate and I am unable to follow your instructions to implement DC-based DocFlow. ie. there is no IDocflowSupport interface as detailed in your documentation, even in your BCDemo you don\'t use IDocflowSupport. There is also no documentation related to Workflow or TaskList. I hope you can correctly document these components in the near future because you have some great ideas in your components. Do you have any plan to correct your documentation soon?


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Yury GermanClient


Thank you for interesting in Xafari products!

We are going to release the big DocFlow update in the new Xafari version (x10) in January 2015. Of course with actual documentation and examples.

Unfortunately, since in x08 Docflow is CTP version, we are not planning to update x08 documentation.

Feel free to ask us any further questions.


Hello Yury,

Actually, this is very good news to me. It completely changes my expectations regarding documentation. I wasn't aware that Docflow is CTP. Did I miss that in the documentation? If it's not there, you may wish to add a very short note to that effect on your website or in the documentation. It would be a shame for you to lose any sales due to faulty customer expectations. I'm glad I asked. Are there any other components that are CTP and will get more attention/documentation in the future?

Thanks again.

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