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Lars Platzdasch Client


if in IIS7 or 8 Windows Authentication is default Auth, is it posible that the XAFARI SecurityModule can see that and dont display the Standand Auth? in this case the drop down for a other Auth is not needed.

Windows Auth and Forms Auth cant be live in the same IIS WebApp, so a Admin must decide to use one of it: Windows or Forms.


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Nikolay Agent

Hello Lars,

I’m sorry for the delayed answer.

Functionality to detect the web app authentication type requires using of Microsoft.Web.Administration. We would not want to add such a dependency in the Xafari Framework, because we do not know in advance in which environment will run applications developed with Xafari Framework.
This functionality is better to do in a specific application.
Here are some links on this topic:

Feel free to ask any further questions.

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