Xafari Security enhancements IIS7/8 Authentication

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we use Xafari Security enhancements. in Web.App we see the Logon Screen with Standart and Winowss Auth.

What type of Authentication we need to Set in IIS to get both XAF Authentications running?


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Hello Lars,

To use both authentication types you have to make the following settings.

  1. Enable ASP.NET Impersonation in your application and enable Windows Authentication.
  2. Create a local group at the web server for application users and add their accounts to this group.
  3. Grant read-write permissions to the system %TEMP% folder for the newly created group.
  4. Grant access to the application database for the newly created group. You can also modify connection string in the web.config to connect to the database using single account.

Let me know if this helps you.


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