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Marcus Client

Hi, I am trying to connect DynamicPivotGrid to XMLA data source with credentials, ie, specify user name and password. How do I do this? Do I embed credentials in the connection string? Can you provide a code example?



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Petr Administrator

Hi Marcus!

MS Analysis Server does not allow to send user name and password in connection string. And we don't know does SAP BW allows to do this.

May be it will help you. If you use BI XMLA Connector, your connection string with user and password must be like this:


for example http://user1:qwerty@mycompany.com:1080/sap/bw/xml/soap/xmla

Here (https://help.sap.com/SAPhelp_nw70/helpdata/en/ba/e380e03c3a4dbf8cf082f0c910f9cf/frameset.htm), some info about SAP BW connection string.

We don't have installed SAP BW server to test your issue. We asked our partner to configure such environment for testing, but it can takes some days.

May be you can give us access to your test connection?

Best regards



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