EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) or CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System)

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system that helps to manage performance Assets, evaluates Risks of failure, and monitors all maintenance and Repair Processes (CMMS).

  • 1200 tables database
  • 4800 forms
  • 320 menu items

HCM (Human Capital Management)

Human capital management (HCM) is the process of hiring the right people, managing workforces effectively and optimizing productivity. It has evolved from a mostly administrative function to a critical enabler of business value.

  • 600 tables database or business class
  • 850 forms
  • 270 menu items


developer review:

The XUM platform allows you to create modern cross-platform Web applications. Convenient design of the visual part in the code (ViewScenario), high performance on medium and large applications. Built-in workflow mechanism, convenient templates for designing lengthy operations in separate streams, wizards for creating objects. Thoughtful forms of object selection on large amounts of data, design patterns for complex forms are included in the delivery The extension of the client side is not limited to the standard functionality, if necessary, it is not difficult to implement solutions based on asp.net core + JS into solutions on this platform.

SPM (Smart Production Management)

The SPM system has powerful tools for optimization and digital processing of production at an enterprise, in a holding company, at the level of cooperation chains.

  • 800 tables database
  • 2350 forms
  • 230 menu items
  • 20 days

ESB (Enterprise Service Bus)

ESB is a cross platform enterprise solution which helps to integrate different data sources with each other. There are a lot of applications, databases, web-services which can be used as data sources. Adapters transfer data in message. Adapters are producers and subscribers of messages. They send and receive messages from message brokers Rabbit MQ, Active MQ, Azure Service Bus, Amazon SQS. ESB includes a specialized adapter for the integration of XAF applications,  databases (MS-SQL Server, Oracle, Postgre SQL, SQLite, MySQL), OData v3 v4, Active Directory and more.

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