Ranet Analytics – BI tools for developers and end users

Intelligence data analysis is a stubborn thing and requires structuring, agility and thoroughness. Without certain IT-tools it is difficult to achieve high performance, especially when it comes to a huge transactional layer of information that must be transformed into a form suitable for analytical work, understandable and comprehensible.
What do BI tools do?
In broader terms, the functionality of business intelligence (BI) is as follows:

  • Cleansing information according to predefined filters.
  • Consolidation of data.
  • Converting data into a given format.

With BI tools you can interpret a huge amount of data, select the necessary information, build tables with multiple data entry without programming skills and make detailed reports. BI tools focus on the key points that have the greatest impact on performance. The advantage of this format of work is the ability to simulate different outcomes of certain actions. Previously, predicting outcomes was the preserve of numerous industry studies, highly specialized staff and time-consuming workforces, but now you can track the outcome of decision-making with a more detailed analysis, using advanced tools. Operational and strategic business decisions as quickly and accurately as possible is the result of intelligent analysis, the result of using BI tools.
Watch our video and find out how you can solve your BI-problems using our platform Ranet Analytics.

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