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Ranet OLAP contributes to big data processing and management hence bringing great value to the business performance. Download OLAP software and experience the advantages of Ranet OLAP: speed, promptness, usability, cost-effectiveness and others. If a company, organization, enterprise, corporate group or corporation - needs to optimize business processes, the application will sufficiently help. You are free to test it and download OLAP here.

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ranet olap html


Ranet Pivot Table for web applications, for any platforms and any devices

HTML5 Pivot Table 5.9.778

What's new:

  • Additional calculations in the Pivot Table
  • Sparklines
  • Extended JavaScript API

See Ranet OLAP 5.9 Release Notes

ranet olap html


Ranet OLAP for WPF, WinForms and Rich Internet Applications


What's new:

  • .NET Standard 2.0 support in Ranet.OLAP.Core
  • Refactoring Ranet.OLAP.XMLA Provider
  • Ad hoc Report Templates
  • Modern UI

See Ranet OLAP 4.1 Release Notes

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You can download old Ranet OLAP builds in our archive

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