Ranet OLAP UI for WPF

Release History

Ranet OLAP UI for WPF

January 20, 2023



  • Support for .NET Standard 2.0, which ensures compatibility with Windows, Linux and iOS platforms (Linux, macOS, Windows, iOS, Android, and many more) and guarantees the ability to use the library in any .NET application.

XMLA Provider

  • XMLA provider refactoring, adapted for Pentaho Mondrian - OLAP Server alternative to Microsoft SSAS

Custom Calculations

  • MDX expressions to set BACK_COLOR and FORE_COLOR
  • Cell Calculations support

Report Templates

  • Templates for Ad hoc report

Easy to Use

  • Design with a clean, modern user interface that supports both a light (adaptive by Office theme) and dark mode
  • Powerful performance


  • XML export doesn't work for reports with one results row (no columns in the Row area settings)
  • Report settings don't transfer from folder to folder
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