Ranet OLAP Browser. Release Notes

New release with new features for Ranet OLAP Browser - better user experience for OLAP Data!


OLAP controls for developing powerful WPF-based desktop BI applications. Easy interface style customization using XAML. High adaptability to other UI frameworks

Ranet OLAP 4.1 WPF Release Notes

  • .NET Standard 2.0 in Ranet.OLAP.Core, Windows and Linux platform support
  • XMLA Provider refactoring, adaptive to SSAS and Pentaho Mondrian
  • ABC, ABC/XYZ, Variance analysis and more templates for Ad hoc reports. Get rid of gigantic manual MDX query: Interactively & programmatically build the PivotTable Layout based on user choices or events in real time in Report Templates.
  • Modern icons, UI supported both a light (adaptive by MS Office theme) and dark mode
  • Delivery and update via NuGet Packages
  • Sample on GitHub

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Next-generation pivot table provides analysis for OLAP data. Built on HTML5, JavaScript, and AngularJS with Bootstrap support. Perfect for developing responsive cross-platform applications.

Ranet OLAP 5.9 HTML5 Release Notes

  • PivotGrid performance refactoring
  • Cube Metadata tree UI refactoring
  • Data Hierarchical view in Chart
  • More DrillThrough view actions
  • Delivery and update via NuGet Packages

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