Ranet HTML Pivot Table

Release History

Ranet HTML Pivot Table 3.7.346

December 8, 2016


Pivot Table

  • If there is Sparkline value type in the cell and no cell style has been set up (regardless of the style), the value isn't shown anymore

Pivot Table Designer

  • When a new calculation is created, the cursor appears on this calculation on the list
  • A new command "Generate MDX query" resets the whole history and generates initial MDX query according to report layout settings
  • A new command "Reset MDX query transformation history" resets MDX query history of reports fields layout changes and pivot table drilldown
  • Folder and Name in custom calculations settings are stretched along the area width
  • The current option is highlighted in the drop-down menu

Pivot Charts

  • An opportunity to show values on an auxiliary axis in case values in the chart rows differ significantly
  • The user is informed if there is no drilldown opportunity on the heat map

Storage Manager

  • When deleting a report layout the user should be warned about it
  • Add an index to the report settings that would define the order in which they are sorted

Pivot Table

  • When the area containing element attributes is enlarged the size of the window doesn't change

Pivot Table Designer

  • No opportunity to choose the dimension to Drilldown by
  • When editing custom calculations, new elements are not automatically added in the calculations folder in the metadata tree
  • Reset command resets the settings without checking with the user
  • No opportunity to see initial MDX query generated according to report layout settings
  • Expression for non-empty is unavailable for editing after saving custom calculations settings
  • Bug applying percent format string to a new custom calculation
  • After changing a custom calculation (expression field), the pivot table is not update
  • Reset button executes the report when resets report settings
  • Text editor doesn't work correctly in custom calculation settings
  • Report settings are not synchronized with custom calculation settings

Excel Export

  • When the pivot table is exported to Excel the cell styles are not kept

Pivot Charts

  • Negative numbers with different amounts are shown the same on the chart
  • Fields in chart settings are not localized
  • The chart overlaps the axis when the column is changed from percent to sum

Storage Manager

  • The measure group selected by the user cannot be saved/restored

HTML General Tasks

  • When opening connection editor, an error appears in the browser log (in IE)

This is an intermediate build Ranet OLAP Pivot Table for HTML, so we do not provide it for download from our website, but ship it to clients on demand. If you'd like to get this build please feel free to contact us.

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