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Maytoni IT Client

How can I download the source code?


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Maytoni IT Client

Source Code of Xafari Framework.

MariyaVoytovich Agent

Our reply was sent to the post office.

Best regards,

MariyaVoytovich Agent

Dear Maytoni IT,
Thank you for choosing Xafari Enterprise Framework for your software development needs. We appreciate the faith you've placed in us and look forward to working with you now and into the future.

Please follow these instructions to activate your license:
Please, send activation request to
After activation request we send you generated activation key and the source code of the Xafari Framework to youer email.

Here are links to resources you might find helpful:

Xafari documentation:
Xafari demos:

We are afraid that you have a problem with the mail.
Please, check your email.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Best regards,

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