How to filter records baased on the loggedin user


I tried to figure out how to filter records baased on the logged-in user. Pls point me in the right direction on the documentation of xafari to read if there is. Thanks very much!


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Sasha (Xafari Support)Client



Would you please say us, what records you want filter (Business Objects, navigation, other...)?

Yet you can see next ticket Adding arm’s permission access, and an article Work Places, and Xafari Documentation.


I hope you find this information helpful.

If you need any further assistance on this subject, please feel free to contact us.

Thanks, Sasha.


The videos on the Adding arms permission access cannot be accessed. By the way I am trying to filter records and menu navigation according to users logged in. Hopefully the information is contained in the videos of the link you provided, pls update the video links so I can view. Thanks so much!

Sasha (Xafari Support)Client


You can repeat your try to download the video and read about ARMs  or other components.


Let me know if you need further asistence.

Thanks, Sasha.

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