XAF 15.1.4 compatible installation

Ron GroveClient

I only have a download link on my customer page to 14.2, but I see there’s a newer version – https://galaktika-soft.com/xafari/whats-new/x08. Is the trial download the only 15.1.x compatible version? Is there a non-trial download? Also, will the 15.1.3 x08 version work properly with XAF 15.1.4 which is what I have installed?


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Yury GermanClient

Hi Ron

You could download and activate any Xafari version from our download page

Xafari 15.1.308.* will not work with DevExpress 15.1.4.

We are going to release Xafari 15.1.408.x in next two days.

Feel free to contact us any further questions.

Ron Grove

Will this still be labeled a beta like the 15.1.308 X08 was? Or will it be an official release?

Thank you,

Yury GermanClient

It will be an official release.

Yury GermanClient

Xafari 15.1.408.247 is released and available for download.

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