What's New in Xafari x07

The new release makes the following significant changes:

  1. Xafari x07 framework now uses DevExpress 14.2.4 components. Xafari team carefully analyzed, substantially revised and thoroughly tested the existing code, to ensure the efficiency of the new version.
  2. Security module was decomposed. Now Xafari provides Xafari.Security.Xpo and Xafari.Security.DC modules. Xafari.Security.DC module is intended for applications based on the DС data access technology. Accordingly, Xafari.Security.Xpo module is intended for applications based on the Xpo data access technology. Also, these changes have affected some of the other modules. For more information about these changes refer to the documentation.
  3. EntityFactory functionality, presented in the x06 version, was migrated to the new independent module, named Xafari.XF (eXtensions Framework). This module is not necessarily required in the application, but its use will allow you to design an application that is more extensible and resistant to changing requirements.
  4. MVC and Xafari.MVCx projects continue to develop rapidly. Now Xafari.MVC provides Xafari.Workplace support. Basic mechanisms of Xafari for MVC-application was improved and optimized.
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