Breaking Changes in 14.2.507.114

Breaking Changes


The class method Xafari.Editors.Model.ModelCommonMemberViewItemXafariEditorsExtensions DisplayImages (IModelCommonMemberViewItem) renamed DisplayItemImages (IModelCommonMemberViewItem)


Remove UI Popup window close button when rendering controlled synchronous operation.
When you run a synchronous continuous operation (using the class syncManagedOperationhelper) realized the lack of the Close button in the upper right corner of the Popup window.
To work within the functional need for the class to implement the interface page IXafPopupWindowControlholder (by default it can be done with the file Default.aspx.cs)
Or ID XafPopupWindowControl’a in your application must be equal to “PopupWindowControl” (by default, when you create applications through template VS ID XafPopupWindowControl’a == “PopupWindowControl”)


Transfer of new methods in the controller Xafari.Mvc.MVCx.MvcRegisterThemeAssemblyController
In the controller Xafari.Mvc.MVCx.MvcChooseThemeController Removed methods

public static void RegisterCss (string) - Delete
public static void RegisterThemeResources (Page) - Delete
public static IEnumerable RegisterThemeResources () - Delete
public static void UnregisterCss (string) - Delete
public static bool EnableXafThemeAssembly - Delete


Change Method signature public virtual void CreateReportWithTemplate (XafariReportParametersBase, XafariReportTemplateBase, ShowViewParameters)
The old name public virtual void CreateReportWithTemplate (XafariReportParametersBase, XafariReportTemplateBase, ShowViewParameters) is changed to public virtual void CreateReportWithTemplate (XafariReportParametersBase, IEnumerable , ShowViewParameters) . Now, to create a report template, you must pass an array of selected templates if one template, you can use the following call:
reportCreator.CreateReportWithTemplate (parameter, new [] {template}, showViewParameters)


Renaming Xafari.Workplace.XafariWorkplaceModule.CustomizeModelDifferenceSoreParams (object sender, ModelDifferenceStoreParamsEventArgs e) - > CustomizeModelDifferenceStoreParams (object sender, ModelDifferenceStoreParamsEventArgs e)
Fixed syntax error.

General Questions

Renaming class events Xafari.ModelDifferenceStoreFactory: CustomizeUserModelDifferenceSoreParams -> CustomizeUserModelDifferenceStoreParams, CustomizeModelDifferenceSoreParams -> CustomizeModelDifferenceStoreParams
Fixed syntax error:
CustomizeUserModelDifferenceSoreParams -> CustomizeUserModelDifferenceStoreParams;
CustomizeModelDifferenceSoreParams -> CustomizeModelDifferenceStoreParams;
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