Configuring web-applications

  1. Open IIS Manager Console and select the corresponding web-application;
  2. Configure security for the folder %IIS_WebApp%\BMWebApp\APP_DATA. It needs reading and writing rights for system users. It is recommended to form the group of BI-system users and administrate it and not separate users.
  3. Configure authentication settings that can be used by clients for getting an access to the application content (the section “Authentication”):
    1. Anonymous authentication – Disabled;
    2. Authentication by means of forms - Disabled;
    3. Windows Authentication - Enable;
    4. Personification ASP.NET (ASP.NET Impersonation) – Enable.
  4. Start the web-application from the local menu: Application management -> View.

After starting the web-application just employed on IIS the system proposes automatically to create a new project that will service the basis for development of industrial BI-solution and connection business-users to it. How to do it correctly is described in the section “Working with projects”.

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