Creating a web-application

  1. Create on the disc an empty folder in which will be contained web-application resources on IIS using Windows Explorer. The path to this folder will define the parameter [Physical path] to the folder (catalogue) in which is situated the application content. In our example this is the folder BMWebApp which is situated on physical path: C:\Project\RanetBI\BMWebApp. The folder name can be any one; it is such in the example for copy convenience of resources and web-application setting on IIS. See the resources description in the document section Ranet Analytics resources;
  2. Open IIS Manager Console;
  3. Add a new application on the site on command [Add Application…]. Change settings in the dialogue window:
Element name Description
Alias Enter the name that clients will use for an access to the application content from the web-browser.
Application Pool Choose the application pool in which will be started the application. If you have created your own choose it.
Physical path The Physical path to the application content.

It is C:\Project\RanetBI\BMWebApp in our example.

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