Preparing web-applications resources

Then it is necessary to copy web-application resources from the program setup folder to the web-application resources folder on IIS and make little corrections of the web.config file. You have to do it manually; the utility “Installation center” is in work for the present.

  1. Open Windows Explorer;
  2. Highlight the folders %Ranet%\BMWebApp and %Ranet%\DesktopService and copy them to the folders %IIS_WebApp%\BMWebApp and %IIS_WebApp%\DesktopService correspondingly. So we copy resources from the folder "C:\Program Files (x86)\Galaktikasoft\Ranet Analytics v5.5" to the web-application resources folder on IIS;
  3. Delete all the files connected with demonstration projects from the folder %IIS_WebApp%\BMWebApp\APP_DATA, they do not need for the industrial version. Delete from APP_DATA:
    1. – this is a folder with demonstration projects;
    2. config.xml – this is a file with demonstration project descriptions.
  4. Open the file web.config in a text editor in the web-application resources folder on IIS (%IIS_WebApp%\BMWebApp\Web.config);
  5. Set parameters “transport clientCredentialType” in "Windows". It can be done with group replacement of the line: <transport clientCredentialType="None"/> with the line <transport clientCredentialType="Windows"/>

The main works are carried out, now it needs to make web-application configuration using IIS Manager Console.

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