During the last decade, businesses across the globe have been struggling to comprehend and adapt to the changes brought on by the ubiquitous growth of information technology and the Internet. Broadly speaking, the question facing every organization that wants to attract customers is how to effectively use all data that is available and relevant for making efficient decisions. In this context, organizations need a Business Intelligence and Analytics solution with In-memory technology for a faster, more flexible, and comprehensive experience.

Microsoft Analysis Services help organizations to build enterprise-scale analytic solutions that deliver actionable insights. Analysis Services provide two distinct approaches for data modeling: tabular and multidimensional. Tabular models are In-memory databases that use state-of-the-art compression algorithms and multi-threaded query processor. The In-memory analytics engine delivers fast access to the model objects and data through reporting client applications, such as Ranet OLAP.

We are happy to announce that all main components of Ranet OLAP that work with Multi-dimensional models fully support tabular models with In-memory database technology (Figure 1). No doubt, the native support of tabular and Multi-dimensional models will allow our customers to make quick, better and less risky business decisions.

The benefit of tabular databases is that they are easier and faster to implement than multidimensional databases because the model structure is simpler and there may be fewer steps in the design process. Besides, administrative tasks are similar and sometimes identical to database administration of a multidimensional database. The model also supports partitioning for optimized processing, relationships between tables, calculated columns, measures, KPIs, and hierarchies. Customer data, financial and legal records and just day-to-day correspondence in tabular databases can be secured to the row-level by using role-based security.

Anticipating rapid data flow coming from diverse sources, top-performing companies are focusing on In-memory technology for their Business Intelligence solutions. In order to step on the path of competitive strength, business leaders can use Ranet OLAP as an excellent way to innovate.

Figure 1 Ranet OLAP Dashboard.


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