Dear friends and colleagues,

We are sincerely grateful to our customers, many of whom have been using our products for many years, integrating them into their systems and projects. For our team, this is a precious experience and a great responsibility. Therefore, we would like to briefly describe our plans for the development of our products Xafari Framework and Ranet OLAP in 2023.


Ranet OLAP 2023

It should be immediately noted that this year our team is focusing its efforts on Ranet OLAP development. Although most Ranet users use HTML-version, there are a number of users who still use WPF- version. In order to support users of WPF-version, we have released a new build Ranet OLAP UI for WPF You can read more about What’s new in Release History.

Ranet OLAP today is:

  • Building analytical multidimensional data cubes using OLAP technology;
  • Business analysis of large arrays of retrospective and current data of companies;
  • Presentation of the analysis results in user-friendly visual formats and analytical reports;
  • Providing an understanding of how the organization's business develops and where its performance and competitiveness can be improved;
  • Support in making operational management decisions based on the results obtained.


Following the modern trends of Business Intelligence systems, we are going to develop embedded services in Ranet OLAP.

Ranet OLAP in the future is a BI platform with constantly evolving analytics and using AI and ML modules:

  1. Upgrade OLAP Browser (full-fledged web client) with an interactive pivot table, integrated charts and graphs;
  2. Full support for Linux OS (Ubuntu) and Mondrian OLAP Server;
  3. Monitoring the rules of document processing workflows based on Artificial Intelligence
  4. Deployment and update services: nuget packages, docker containers;
  5. Upgrade methodological materials for the integration of typical business configurations into the organization's IT infrastructure;
  6. New ready-made and customizable localized report templates that implement predictive analytics services;
  7. Online documentation for the developers, including a description of the main classes and API with examples of use;
  8. Online documentation for users with a description of indicators and dimensions (analytics) of multidimensional cubes, including a description of the storage and data marts.

In addition, if you have any suggestions for Ranet OLAP development, we will be happy to consider them.


Regarding Xafari Framework:

In 2024, our team plans to release a qualitatively new product in development of the existing Xafari Framework. This product will be available to our users on preferential terms. We will tell you about the new functionality later.

Therefore, we regret to announce that in 2023 we do not plan to release new Xafari Framework builds. However,

  • of course, we continue to provide technical support to our users;
  • all of our users can still send us Xafari activation requests up-to-date version 22.2.3 and previous, subsequent versions will not be updated in 2023;
  • we, as before, in case of your interest, are ready to execute custom projects based on Xafari Framework / XAF DevExpress, in this case, updated versions will be used;
  • in addition, we provide a 70 percent discount on subscriptions and renewals in order to retain the rights to use the Xafari Framework (without source codes) until the end of 2023.

We are always open for dialogue!

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