Our Ranet team is currently working on new builds of Ranet OLAP for WPF. The main focus is to make work with Ranet OLAP UI more interactive, as well as add more opportunities to perform different types of business analysis with your data.

Within the next two weeks, we are releasing a new build of Ranet OLAP for WPF with a new demo and slight functionality changes that we'll describe in more detail in the release note. The demo will also be placed on Ranet website.

Also, in a couple of months, we will release a new version of Ranet OLAP with some major functionality updates. Here is what we are going to introduce.


New Ranet OLAP for WPF will have the option to apply filters to hierarchy level in the pivot grid. We will write a more detailed post dedicated to this topic later, but you can see a short example of how it is going to work here.


We are developing new designers for analysis forms that can be generated in Ranet. At present, we are planning to include designers for the following analysis forms:

  1. ABC analysis form
  2. XYZ analysis form
  3. Comparative analysis
  4. Structural analysis

We are still considering what other features we could add to Ranet OLAP UI for WPF.

If you have any suggestions or requests - feel free to tell us. We'll be happy to make our tools as useful for you as possible.

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