Xafari 012/013


This version of Xafari Framework will be provided with the following new features:

  • XafariDialogController will allow you to use up to 3 Accept buttons and up to 3 Cancel buttons.
  • AdvancedHierarchyNodeListEditor will implement a card search form for hierarchical data IHierarchyNode
  • AdvancedGridListEditor will implement a card search form for a list form.
  • Hierarchy ObjectSet will implement multiple choice for hierarchical data IHierarchyNode.
  • Localization. Xafari localization will provide a base class for the implementation of localization problems.
  • CategoryAttributeLocalizer is going to be a base class for localizing the CategoryAttribute attribute.
  • Diagnostics. More information about metadata for the current DetailView.
  • Formatting strings when calculating Expressions. Now, in Xafari.Utils.ExpressionCalculator, formatting will be available when calculating string values.

Additional options

We will add the examples of using ExpressionCalculator new capabilities in Demos.FeatureCenter.

Advanced options


Xafari Monitoring Active Users

Using the new version of the XAS v2 configurator, you can track users who are using the application at the current time. You can do this selecting the "Active Users" navigation item in the "Monitoring" group.

Xafari Application Support

The new version of the XAS v2 configurator will use the Application Hosts concept and will support all applications developed with this concept. Now you can start the configurator using the command line keys, as well as using the interactive menu.

Editing objects with statuses

Using the provider IStatusSupport, the user can create objects with status support ("Published", "Archive" or "Draft"). Objects with the statuses "Published" and "Archive" will be closed from editing, however, in the old version the object could be edited by dragging it onto the fields onto the form of another object. In the new version, this function will be fixed - in new version editing objects with certain statuses will be prohibited on all Details forms.

Extending the application model

A new concept of extending the application model for Xafari components will be implemented. For all extensions of the Xafari model, we are going to implement an automatic converter.

AggregatedActions nodes in the model will be moved.

The AggregatedActions node is deprecated, so we will no longer use it, and the slave nodes will be moved to the corresponding ActionDesign \ Actions nodes.

Application Hosts

  • The possibility of flexible management of the logging system will be added.
  • We are going to add the ability to register additional contexts.



We are going to add support for expressions in the Numbering Template and Key Template. To support previous versions, the ObjectFormatter mode will be preserved.

Extension of the model for ServiceCfgObject

The clarification of the wrapper class model type is necessary, if there is a need for the inheritance of classes derived from ServiceCfgObject, ServiceCfgObject<t,tmodel> during developing Cfg modules. IModelCfgOblect extension will be designed for these purposes.

Setting up the visualization of Business transactions

We are going to expand the IModelBusinessOperations and IModelBusinessOperation models so that you can customize the visualization of the process of executing the business transaction that is synchronously executed in the context of a long operation.

A number of problems are going to be fixed.

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