How real world businesses make use of Applied Artificial Intelligence? That was the key question during Applied Artificial Intelligence Conference 2020 11. May 2020 / Online Conference & B2B, organised by WKO Aussenwirtschaft Austria.

Galaktikasoft joined APPLIED ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE CONFERENCE IN VIENNA (virtual conference) as an active participant and held several interesting B2B meetings. Galaktikasoft experts shared their knowledge in building the Intelligent Enterprise and showed how our Business Intelligence software tools, BI analytics products and solutions, such as Ranet OLAP and Xafari Framework, contributed to the successful strategy implementation. Our BI tools are integrated easily into any solution providing the best possible data analysis for your business.

2020 is likely to become a major landmark in the development of many companies and bring more bright examples of implementing the Intelligent Enterprise strategy in their business processes. Galaktikasoft is always ready to support you with our products and services and offer the best business transformation approach.

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