On November 24, Promo "Bring a friend - get 6 months of Xafari Framework or Ranet OLAP renewal subscription for free" officially started.  This promo may interest not only our existing clients, but also new potential users.

Let’s get to the heart of this promo. How does it work?

  • You are our client.
  • You write us a request to receive a promo code for the promo.
  • We send your personal promo code.
  • You recommend our product to someone for their development needs and give them the promo code.
  • The promo code provides an opportunity to purchase a subscription for any license with 10%
  • If any license subscription is purchased using the promo code, you get 6 months of your Xafari Framework or Ranet OLAP renewal subscription for free.

Q: How many times can a promo code be used?


Q: For example, 4 license subscriptions were purchased using my promo code. Does it mean that my subscription will be extended for 2 years?

Yes, you are absolutely right.

Q: I am a customer, but my subscription has expired at the moment. Can I take part in this promo?

Yes, of course. In case of purchasing a subscription of any license using your promo code, the subscription period for your license is extended for 6 months.

P. S. We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of the promotion. Changes will be published on our website.

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