Ranet OLAP is published for download. The main new features are:

  • Added support for multiple OLAP connections.

Now you can use multiple OLAP connections in your application. You can store it in the web.config file or somewhere on the client side (for example, if your server is totally stateless).
When you store you connection strings on the client side you have to initialize Ranet.AgOlap.Commands.CommandHelper class like this:

Ranet.AgOlap.Commands.CommandHelper.Initialize(Func<string, string> connectionStringResolver)

where connectionStringResolver is a function that receives connection id as an input and returns connection string. For more information on how to use it see examples.

  • Added support for asp.net session enabled/disabled modes.

Now if you are using asp.net session if your application, all OLAP connections will be cached in it and reused. If you are not using asp.net session, OLAP connection will be created and destroyed on every request roundtrip.
Note! If you are using asp.net session you have to add the following code to your Global.asax file to clean up OLAP Connections:

protected void Session_End(object sender, EventArgs e)
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