We have published a new Ranet OLAP build
What’s New:

  • MemberChoicePopup: fixed incorrect display of SelectedItem
  • DynamicPivotGridControl: added CurrentDesigner and UseStyleConditionsDesigner
  • Method Dispose for elimination of leaks of memory is added
  • CellControl, all summary tables: possibility to create cell decorators
  • CellSet: added FilterAxis
  • ACTION_TYPE in CELL PROPERTIES autogenerated query
  • DynamicPivotGridControl: added Drag and Drop in MDX query generation
  • CellData: added link to CellSet
  • PivotGrid: public void RefreshPivotGrid()
  • RichtextBox: added Drag and Drop
  • RichtextBox: added ContextMenu
  • RichtextBox: fixed error at copying and inserts by means of the keyboard
  • The property which is responsible drag and drop of nodes control is added
  • Implementation of capabilities the Server Explorer to drag DynamicPivotGridControl, EventArgs expanded with Drag and Drop started and Delta
  • Page MdxDynamic(sample application): set default cube ‘Finance’
  • DynamicPivotGridControl: fixed error to apply styles to a cell
  • DynamicPivotGridControl: new generation MDX query logic
  • Correction localization
  • Small refactoring
  • Some bugs and regressions fixed.
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