We have released a new version of Ranet OLAP for Silverlight v2.4.4.0.

Build Ranet.UILibrary.Olap-

  • Current build
  • Build date – January 24, 2012

What’s New in build:

  • Support for Silverlight 5 platform
  • ObjectLoadDialog, ObjectSaveAsDialog: logic of imports has changed
  • MemberChoicePopUp, MeasureChoicePopUp: added OlapDataLoader, public ChoiceControl
  • MeasureChoicePopUp: added possibility of a plural choice of measures
  • CellSetData, CubeDefInfo: fixed incorrect handling special characters
  • Controls with System.Windows.Browser.HtmlPage: support the work of Out-of-Browser Applications
  • Some bugs and regressions are fixed
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