Xafari mvc

Xafari mvc

We have officially released our new tool for XAF and MVC application development - Xafari MVC. It allows developers to use the rich functionality of DevExpress XAF when developing applications on MVC platform.

During their work, our Xafari framework development team faced a number of difficulties related to developing XAF applications, so we started to think how we could overcome them thus making the development experience better for ourselves and our customers. In the end, we developed a tool that would enable using XAF functionality while developing the application on MVC platform, which solved a number of issues we had previously had, namely:

  • low application performance and reaction delays in action execution
  • inability to manipulate the HTML code of the page
  • page reloading for simple requests

The result of our development efforts - Xafari MVC - supports all basic concepts of XAF application development and major XAF functionality, including the majority of XAF extra modules, e.g. Chart Module, KPI Module, Scheduler etc. For each module, a corresponding NuGet package is supplied with all files required for stable work of list editors, property editors, and controls of that particular XAF module.

Xafari MVC also provides easy integration with jQuery, Bootstrap, and other controls to ensure faster and more efficient development process. New XAF applications can be created using a special VS template. Old Xafari applications can be easily migrated to Xafari (check out video tutorial for quick project migration).

As shown by our tests, XAF applications developed on MVC platform are up to 50% quicker than the web ones, while access to source code for Views and PartialViews provides better customization opportunities.

Starting from Xafari x10 version which is soon to be released, holders of Xafari framework Enterprise will have complete Xafari MVC features included in the scope of the framework functionality.

You can read more about Xafari MVC and the opportunities it offers in the documentation or on Xafari MVC homepage.

If you are more of a visual learner, see Xafari MVC demos.

If you have any questions or suggestions about Xafari MVC – drop us a line at info@galaktika-soft.com.

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