Until recently, we used the Microsoft SQL Server system as the main tool for developing CPM and BI solutions. Advanced analytics services based on multidimensional data have made it possible to create effective corporate solutions, while developing Ranet Analytics components and services.

Microsoft SQL Server is a proprietary system with a fairly high cost of licenses, and many companies could not afford to use it, which hindered the advancement of CPM and BI solutions. At the same time, the use of free and open source software in the development of enterprise solutions was viewed with distrust by many company leaders.

However, in recent years the situation has changed dramatically. The developer community offers innovative, and often revolutionary, products, services, and technologies that have great capabilities and potential.

Today, as part of Ranet Analytics, we offer cross-platform components and analytics services that are focused on free and open source software and provide high-performance analytics.

Ranet Analytics is best adapted to the analytics servers MS SQL Server Analysis Services (MS SSAS) and Pentaho Mondrian. Ranet Analytics is best adapted to the analytics servers MS SQL Server Analysis Services (MS SSAS) and Pentaho Mondrian. The use of the industry standard XML for Analysis (XMLA) ensures interoperability with such BI platforms as SAP BW, Oracle Essbase, Palo, etc. This enables an organization to fully leverage its investment in business intelligence tools as it deploys solutions on new technology platforms.

The most important architectural features of our new solutions are:

  • Cross-platform on the server and client;
  • OS Windows, Linux, iOS – operating systems on which the server and client parts of the solution operate;
  • Relational MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL or columnar ClickHouse DBMS to build a data warehouse;
  • MS SSAS or Pentaho Mondrian - analytics server (OLAP server), on which multidimensional cubes are built;
  • Ranet OLAP Browser is a desktop and web client for building and visualizing of interactive analytical reporting (Ad hoc) based on OLAP data.


Preservation of previous technology investments

If an organization has invested time and resources in MS SSAS or SAP BW, then Ranet Analytics ensures that it can use previous technology investments when implementing solutions on Linux OS and Pentaho Mondrian OLAP server. This results in an unsurpassed total cost of ownership and return on investment.

Easy integration

Ranet Analytics offers easy integration via RESTful and JavaScript web services for organizations to embed interactive analytics reports into their web and cloud services and Windows desktop application APIs. This allows you to achieve rapid development and deployment of applications for business intelligence.

Full-featured business intelligence module

Ranet Analytics has a complete set of features tailored to the needs of the end user and built-in economic analysis methodologies.

Tools for Microsoft SSAS

Microsoft SQL Server has a complete stack of business intelligence tools and documentation for the entire development process. The technology is well developed and there are enough solutions and qualified specialists on the market.

Tools for Pentaho Mondrian

For the Pentaho Mondrian analytics server, there are many options for building BI solutions and we offer Ranet Mondrian - tools and methodologies for developing solutions and executing projects.



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