Ranet OLAP


Ranet OLAP as the name implies is an online analytical processing which refers to mining and analyzing fresh data belonging to current business processes. Owing to OLAP information originating from several sources can be stored in various formats in one place. The main goal of OLAP is to keep executives aware of their business performance and to that end, they are to note ongoing tendencies in the market. That is why Galaktikasoft offers a business intelligence solution - Ranet OLAP dashboard to visually present the information. Although generally there are four types media displaying: dashboards, reports scorecards, and visual analysis tools. OLAP dashboard’s main advantage is a great variety of forms in which the information can be displayed for the user. The dashboard typically involves formats of pie charts, line graphs, bar charts, tabular reports, reports with traffic lighting, gauges, pyramids, maps, scatter plots, spark charts, e-mail alerts etc. Ranet OLAP dashboards turn out to be highly helpful in terms of data management and reporting as the tool provides its users with intelligible information about complex processes.

Ranet OLAP Dashboard Purpose

Visual data representations contribute to better understanding of business processes relations, trends aberrations, conditions, and patterns. The tool likewise helps its users draw up holistic reports, precise graphs and carry out ad-hoc analysis. Besides there are several more aims of Ranet OLAP Dashboard:

  • Ranet OLAP dashboard can be exploited for all spheres of business requiring reports, forecasts, and planning: marketing, sales, HR, management, finance, and budgeting.
  • It’s oriented towards general employees but not only those taking up senior positions, due to readable graphs, pie and bar charts, etc. easy to comprehend.
  • The tool is as well aimed at people who choose to read rather than view hence Ranet OLAP dashboard includes a feature of report representation. For instance, such an opportunity would suit accountants and lawyers.
Ranet OLAP Dashboard purpose

Ranet OLAP Dashboard Features

Ranet OLAP dashboard represents most requisite information for immediate business insights. Its organization lets users get informed from a cursory look without spending much time on data examining, precise graphs drawing, and creating reports. Furthermore, OLAP Dashboard possesses several more features for the convenience of the user:

  • All data visualizations in a dashboard fit on one computer screen needless to be scrolled.
  • By default, it represents the most significant performance indicators.
  • A dashboard includes an opportunity to drill-down and filter although these actions don’t show which exact performance indicators are insufficient towards goals set.
  • The data represented in graphs, bar charts, reports, etc. get automatically refreshed without interference by the user. The update occurrence is set by administrators and is related to the organization’s demands and goals. Most frequently dashboards are uploaded with update data at least every day.
  • Ranet OLAP dashboard commonly contains only historical data due to the type of storage mode.
  • The tool involves an opportunity to view scorecards though they can’t be interactive and include scroll bars.
  • Scorecards can include columns to display trends in the form of sparklines.
  • Ranet OLAP dashboard may represent reports which contain more detailed data and generally show text and numbers though key information may be supported by visualizations.
  • Information in reports is organized in the form of tables.
  • Reports, bar charts, graphs, tables etc. can be exported to PDF, Excel or Word format and printed for the further exchange with employees, clients, and partners.

Ranet OLAP Dashboard Benefits

Ranet OLAP dashboard is considered to be one of the best visualizations tools thanks to the following features:

  • Established on a user’s computer in a very short time.
  • Doesn’t require special skills or training: all the information needed is visualized transparently in graphs, charts, and other forms.
  • Available for executives without IT department maintenance.
  • Receives all updated and refreshed data as soon as it emerges.
  • User-friendly and easy to comprehend due to visualization.
  • Containing sufficient self-service and free from regular estimate
  • Provides only highly sought data for analysis and reporting
  • Fast user adoption
  • Flexible to be arranged in an organization of any industry and size

Despite Ranet OLAP dashboards do require thorough configuration and support on the back-end, as soon as it’s deployed and gets accustomed to it becomes an essential part of the working process owing to its convenience, transparency, and efficiency.

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