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We’re very glad to announce that Xafari x010 is now officially released and available for download!
We’ve already made a short summary of the new and updated features, now let’s look a bit deeper into them.


ASP.NET MVC for Enterprise Licenses
Holders of Xafari Framework Enterprise license will receive the whole functionality of Xafari MVC included in their Xafari Framework license at no extra costs. Holders of other types of licenses will be able to buy Xafari MVC separately.
Xafari MVC allows you to use DevExpress XAF functionality when developing applications on MVC platform. Read more about it in one of our previous posts or in the MVC documentation.

XAS (Xafari Applications Support)
XAS is a special utility that we built for administrators. In fact, it is a separate WinForms app designed to let them customize and configure the business application. The result of separating administration operations from the business application is less coding, less memory usage, and better application UI. Depending on the security settings, XAS can also be used by certain business application users.

Xafari Services are special components implementing certain business properties in the business application. Services can be associated with a particular user and can be activated and deactivated altogether or in a particular context.
Some of the Xafari Services introduced in Xafari x010 are:

  • Service Spaces Manager to manage the life cycle of service spaces and maintain the context service activity
  • Services Model Service to maintain interactions between the Services Model and all Xafari Services. It stores parameters of all Xafari Services
  • LogicControllersService to ensure runtime for LogicController mechanism
  • IObjectSpace providing package execution of operations in the context of IObjectSpace

You can read more about these and other services in Xafari Services documentation.

Our most important improvement in terms of performance enhancement is Xafari.Accelerator - a new module, which was designed to fix performance issues that stem from using Application Model in XAF applications. The module uses a separate XML file to store Application Model static part for the current combination of modules resulting into faster application start and enhanced performance.
According to the tests we have run, applications working with Xafari.Accelerator showed 50% less starting time as compared to the same applications working without it.

DockPanels v2 has the following new features:

  • enhanced application model settings structure
  • possibility to use expressions for description of relations between Views
  • named parameters usage


Single deployment mechanism for DevExpress XAF and Xafari reports (v1 and v2).
Centralized report administration mechanism.
Possibility to connect Xafari reports parameters groups to a preselected set of report templates.

Apart from significantly improving the UI of the Workplaces module, we have finalized workplaces administration mechanism, which is now implemented with the help of a list form containing all system’s workplaces.
Master for new workplaces creation has been introduced.

Message queue administration mechanism.
Master to create tasks to delete obsolete messages from the queue.
Improved Docflow and Task List structure and functionality as a result of the transition to the state machine concept.


We've also introduced a new documentation format which will allow you to browse the files more efficiently and find the information about the new and updated features of Xafari x010 quicker.

You can download the free 30-day trial of Xafari x010 here.
For more materials on new Xafari x010 functionality check out our What's New post.

And, of course, don’t hesitate to contact us in the case of any questions.

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